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Scale Studies for Bass (eBook)

Scale Studies for Bass (eBook)

Major and minor scales with melodic etudes in every key. 


90 pgs. 


Written in standard notation. NO TAB

  • Description

    Scale Studies for Bass

    The importance of major and minor scales in western music can not be overstated. They are at the root of everything we hear and play. So, as musicians, the more familiar we are with their sounds and patterns the better we will understand everything that we play. This is true from both a sonic and a technical perspective. It doesn't matter if our preference is jazz, rock, classical, country, metal, latin, or any other style of western music, a deep study of these scales will further our development as musicians.

    Part 1 (pp.1-30) of this book presents major, natural minor, melodic minor and harmonic minor scales along with their corresponding arpeggios. It also includes melodic exercises in broken thirds and a three note melodic sequence. Every key is represented, starting in C and A minor with no sharps or flats, then moving on to 1 sharp (G/Em), then 1 flat (F/Dm), 2 sharps (D/Bm), 2 flats (Bb/Gm), etc...

    Part 2 (pp.31-72) is a collection of 40 melodic etudes where we can put the scales to use and make music. (An etude is a short study piece that focuses on a particular technique or concept). These etudes utilize the scales, arpeggios, and sequence exercises from part 1 and expand on them. They get increasingly more difficult and there is at least one in every major and minor key.

    Part 3 (pp.73-83) is an appendix. It begins with an explanation of the scales and arpeggios, gives fingering suggestions, and has a quick reference for each major/minor scale, triad, and key signature. Furthermore, the appendix includes additional exercises using scale, arpeggio, and intervallic sequences within the major scale. To get the most out of this section, all exercises should be applied to every key. 

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