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First Position - An In-Depth Study (Book)

First Position - An In-Depth Study (Book)

                                                                                                                                                            This book is an in depth study of scales and arpeggios occurring in 1st position on the 4 string electric bass guitar. All major scales with their related modes, triads, 7th chords, major pentatonic, minor pentatonic and blues scales are shown in all 15 keys. Each scale and arpeggio is expanded to cover the full range of notes in first position. Utilizing all of the notes in one position can open up the fingerboard with out having to move the hand, which can result in more fluid and melodic bass lines and solos.  


48 pages. 


Written in standard notation. No TAB


    Most of us learn our scales and arpeggios by fingering patterns instead of by notes. Then, by moving these patterns up and down the fingerboard we think that we know all of our scales and arpeggios in all keys. The truth of the matter is that most players know only the root notes of these patterns while the rest of the notes are known only by the shapes of the pattern instead of the names of the notes. The scales and arpeggios are presented in the book by beginning on the lowest root note then dropping to the lowest available scale/chord tone in position. Then ascending to the highest available scale/chord tone in position and resolving back to the root note. Learning scales and arpeggios in this way will help the player think more in terms of notes and keys rather than movable patterns that can limit range and cause the player to unnecessarily over-shift. (Moving to a higher position on the fingerboard to keep to a familiar pattern when in many cases the notes already in position.)

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